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EQV Fraternity 1954 - 1968


Intern Reception Fall 2011

On November 5th, we held our annual intern reception, organized as always by Steve Buttner.  It was a resounding success, with spirited discussion and a great deal of laughter for two hours.

Steve had, of course, invited the four David Fisher Memorial EQV Interns.  Three indicated that they would be there; the fourth was in Europe.  Steve also invited the four interns from 2010, and one said she’d be there, too.

 As the day approached, I worried about the attendance.  Three of the EQV brothers were coming, but who knew how many students would actually come during a crowded and eventful Homecoming Weekend.  I worried needlessly – as I often do.

 All three of the David Fisher interns   Maddie Neufield (’12), AhDream Smith (’12), and Rhyan (’12) Toledo – did arrive.  And with AhDream came two of her aunts and her grandfather.  Allana Kembazi (’11) came as well.  From EQV were Rob Abel and his wife, “Micky,” Steve, and me. 

And there are good times when 12 people can, indeed, make a crowd.

 Since there had been no opportunity in the spring to have a meeting with the interns, each of the brothers talked briefly about the founding and meaning of EQV, about the genesis of the internship program, and about how the program was run.  Then each of the interns talked about her experience in the program, which was largely positive.

  One intern had a great experience but the outcome for her was one career to eliminate – and that’s one of the reasons we began this effort.  Then, talk became more general, involving everyone.  Even the photo session became silly at the urging of one of AhDream’s aunts.

 These brief descriptions of their summer work will have to suffice instead of a photo for now:

  • Maddie Neufield  (’12) worked with National Public Radio involved conducting research for long-term stories and daily projects, as well as producing her own personal and journalistic audio pieces for “Intern Edition”.  She has spent time in Bolivia working with a community radio station.

  • AhDream Smith (’12)  was with the Bitone Children's Center in Uganda working on their malaria prevention program: "Enlightenment Uganda." AhDream is an American Studies major, who aspires to earn a PHD in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, after which she hopes to work with underrepresented communities in the US.

  • Rhyan Toledo (’12) worked with Jumpstart, a program affiliated with Tufts University that explores innovative ways to close education quality gaps.  She has been committed to working with young children and his goal is to pursue a career in education, especially on closing the achievement gap in the US.  During the summer, Rhyan interacted with youngsters in a variety of ways, including teaching.

  Steve, Rob, and I left the meeting elated about how it had gone and even more impressed than usual with the quality of people our program supports.


  l-r: Allana Kembabazi (’11) (2010 intern), AhDream Smith (’12), Rhyan Toledo (’12), Maddie Neufeld (’12)


l-r: AhDream Smith, Rob Abel, Allana Kembabazi (2010 intern), Steve Buttner, Rhyan Toledo, Jan Van Meter, Maddie Neufeld

l-r: AhDream Smith, Rob Abel, Micky Abel, Allana Kembabazi (2010 intern), Steve Buttner,
Rhyan Toldeo, Jan Van Meter, Maddie Neufeld

Jan Van Meter and AhDream Smith

Rhyan Toledo and Rob Abel
Mick Abel and Allana Kembabazi (2010 intern)