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EQV Fraternity 1954 - 1968

EQV: A History

By Gus Napier (’60)
 and Jan Van Meter (’63)

A Note to the Readers

The following history should be viewed as a “work in progress,” a draft to which you may add or correct or amend. If there is one thing that is learned in writing a history such as this it is that, at a remove of four or five decades, memories erode or are changed by what happens in the intervening years.

Nor is everything that happened included. Perhaps what is not included are things that you remember best or things that meant the most to you. However, what we intended was a history of the remarkable founding of EQV and an equally remarkable demise.

Little about EQV exists in the Wesleyan archives, except a vague memory by some that such a place as EQV ever existed. And because many, perhaps most, of us feel that EQV was a special place in our lives and in the life of Wesleyan, we undertook to recover what we could out of the fragile pages of the Argus and out of the equally fragile memories of those who once were members – and perhaps still are.

We hope you enjoy it.


History Part I

The Origins of EQV
by Gus Napier ('60)

Table of Contents

  • The origins of a fraternity

  • Fraternal Discontent

  • A climate of diversity

  • Conflict emerges

  • Support from our alumni and a rebuke by the National

  • Defiance

  • Please listen!

  • Enter Robert Moore ’15, from stage right, dressed in black and white

  • Two decisive meetings in New York

  • A compromise is reached!

  • Onward we rush

  • We are defeated

  • The birth of EQV

  • The jockeying continues

History Part II

The Middle Years and
the End of EQV
Jan Van Meter ('63)

Table of Contents

  • The fraternal atmosphere -- Raucous

  • The fraternal atmosphere -- Serious

  • AXP, like a bad penny….

  • EQV refuses

  • AXP tries again

  • The beginnings of the moveable fraternity

  • The moving starts

  • Now to the John Wesley Club

  • EQV reflects the “‘60s”

  • The fire and the end

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